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IQm instantly detects %95 of your inaccessible equipment faults

Capture 3-phase voltage and current waveform for 5 minutes using your metering device such as Fluke 435-II and 437-II and transfer it to your PC.
Click here to learn how to capture waveform via Fluke 435-II and 437-II energy analyzers
Compress the data in zip or rar format, visit our web site, fill the form and upload it.
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Receive a comprehensive condition assessment report about your equipment via e-mail
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IQm converts your metering devices into an excellent Predictive Maintenance solution


IQm, detects equipment faults 6 months before unexpected failure occurs by using the patented and award-winning predictive maintenance technology of Artesis. Unlike other technologies, IQm is affordable and requires no expertise. 

IQm generates a comprehensive condition report by analyzing the voltage and current data taken from the metering devices such as Fluke 435 – II and Fluke 437 – II energy analyzers.

System Features

Affordable Solution
As it utilizes the energy analyzers in hand, there is no need to pay for a device which has average cost of €30,000. It generates a comprehensive and reliable condition report only for an affordable fee. It also minimizes the training costs as there is no need an expert personal.
Automatic Condition Report
An Automatic report which includes electrical and mechanical faults is generated. Maintenance decision can be made easily by considering this report.
Comprehensive Report
It detects electrical faults as well as mechanical faults. The report gives information about 21 parameters in total.
Easy to use
Measurement is made in 5 minutes. You can get the reports after uploading your captured waveform data to our website.
Energy Efficiency Information
According to US Department of Energy, the equipment faults can cause %30 decrease in the efficiency of the equipment. The condition report includes the effects of the faults on energy efficiency.
More Reliable
It can detect %95 of all faults found and is reliable.

Energy Efficiency

Many users are aware of the connection between deteriorating condition and reduced efficiency. Excessive misalignment, voltage imbalance or mechanical unbalance can have serious impact, as can heating caused by bearing or electrical problems. The ability to proactively manage such problems allows condition monitoring to have a direct impact on operating efficiency.

Artesis solutions can be used to monitor electric motor efficiency and to maintain efficient motor operation.

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About Artesis

Artesis, founded in 1999, developed a unique technology for early warning of pending failures of industrial equipment. This technology is used to increase productivity and energy efficiency by preventing unexpected downtime and faulty operation of equipment. This unique and patented technology received 40 Best Products Award by Control Engineering Magazine, USA, and the Innovation award by the Institution of Engineering and Technology, UK. GE Energy became a shareholder of Artesis in 2010. 

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About the Technology

IQm monitors the condition of equipment driven by an electric motor, effectively using the motor itself as a sophisticated transducer. It uses advanced NASA-developed model-based-fault-detection technology to provide automated set-up and fault diagnosis with minimal user intervention. It is simpler to use and more cost effective than conventional systems. IQm is applicable to a very wide range of driven equipment, including pumps, fans, compressors, and conveyors, and is particularly valuable for equipment in inaccessible or hazardous environments.

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Our technology received “Editor’s Choice Award”, 40 Best Products of 2000, Control Engineering USA and “Technology Innovation Award  2007” for simplifying predictive maintenance, The Institution of Engineering,UK.


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